Ministry of Health designates Kagadi as Quarantine center for COVID-19 Patients


*State minister of Health for General duties Robinah Nabajja. FILE PHOTO

Kagadi district is among the 27 centers country wide designated by the Ministry of Health to handle COVID-19 Patient in case of any out break in the district.

The elevation was made by State minister of Health for General duties Robinah Nabanjja during a courtesy visit in the district aimed at assessing the preparedness of the district towards the fight against COVID-19.

Nabanjja says Kagadi qualifies to have a quarantine center due to being a boarder district and due over 47 alarming alerts in the district.

She adds that the government will make numerous intervations interms of monetary assistance, Physical logistics, training of Health staff and providing a brand new vehicle to the Health department and providing PPE’S.

The LCV Chairperson Byaruhanga Stephen Mfashingabo expressed concern over the upgrading of Kagadi hospital to a Regional referral hospital which the Hon Minister vowed to forward to cabinet for discussion.