My Simple advise to the Fresh Graduates!

Makerere graduates at their day of graduation. File Photo

Of recent we have witnessed a number of graduation ceremonies all around the country and when i take look at those days in our days, our expections were high, we could view things different. Having gone through such an experience this is my simple advise to my brothers and sisters.

1. Expect Less! Fresh graduates need to manage their expectations and go with what comes their way. Most times we finish school with high expectations, only to be disappointed in the field of scarcity in the Job Market.

2. All Courses are equally good. There is no bad or good course at the University, whatever you studied can place you somewhere, it’s all about how you market your skill. We have seen Engineers who are poor and Rich Teachers, Poor Doctors and Rich Painters.

3. Don’t stick to what you Studied. You need to be flexible and diversify your knowledge and skills. You may be an accountant by profession, but when you are very good at Hair Dressing, Decorations etc…go for that as you wait for your accountancy Job….thats if it comes.

4. Volunteer to gain Experience. Volunteering is a good avenue to gain experience employers are looking for. Even if you are not earning any penny, gain the experience.

5. Apply for only the Jobs you qualify for. Don’t go for Jobs you don’t qualify for. If you see an advert in Alebotong, and they have emphasized “Knowledge of Local languages is a MUST” if you don’t know the languages spoken there, don’t bother to apply, your chances of being considered will be next to zero. Otherwise you will waste alot of resources in transport and stationery.

6. Keep applying. Don’t loose Hope. Even if you apply for 99 Jobs and you dont get any, the 100th will be yours. You will get it. Keep trying.

7. Social Networking is very important in the Job search. You network, attend events, ceremonies and as many functions as possible. Inform your networks how you are looking for a Job and the Skills you have.

8. Be careful of conmen around town. They always take advantage of unsuspecting fresh gruadautes who are desperate for Jobs.

9. Communicate well with your prospective employers: Keep your phones on, answer all the calls, if you find a missed call, return to it, be calm on interviews, be honest on interviews, dress smartly, don’t ware alot of make up, be punctual for interviews, thank the interviewer for inviting you for an interview.

10.Pray. Pray for that dream Job you always wanted. It will come your way.


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