Of Hoima Municipality MP Race and the Fuss around it.

Parliament of Uganda.
Courtesy Photo

One of the fastest oscillations of our times is the Ugandan political term. Oh how fast it moves that memoirs of previous electoral events are usually as fresh when the new ones come in. No wonder, Parliament was suggesting that these 5 years be increased to 7. The reasons to this were obviously sketchy and as selfish as the infinite motions that the August house usually passes. The 5 years have been so fast that one would wonder whether it was in those that all the action that actually happened surely happened. I am talking about Kikuube district springing up, the vigorous Woman MP By Election and many more things.

One of the most important events to note in the last five years was when the current MP for Hoima Municipality, Hon. Lawrence Dr. Bategeka, announced that he would not be seeking re-election. I do not know whether anyone expected that. The political analysts of our times will say they did, (did they?) but if they really did they should have recorded anticipations of the same. Bategeka who beat the former minister from Kitoba should have been a savior figure that perhaps was at last going to present our voices to Parliament. Maybe our expectations were so high, like he said, we want him to divide UGX 10,000 by 10 and let everyone take UGXX 50,000. Well for the work well done, we have to be grateful to the Educationist as he is coming to the end of his era.

Our eyes now face the eyes that face where Mr. Bategeka is, the Hoima Municipality MP seat which now looks like a brown rice at a village funeral. If you expected me to say hot cake, this is Uganda and cakes are alien also I say funeral because the Ugandan Parliament does not after all look like a festival. For sharing of the deceased man’s property, read sharing of tax payers’ money. The number of people vying for this seat is growing day by day. Off head I can well spell 9 names of people that want that seat, these include Administrators, Religious Leaders, Medical People, Engineers, Educationists, Lawyers and Business People. The above list of people all want to get a shot at “Representing the views of the people of Hoima Municipality to parliament” and to make laws for the country.

The people of Hoima municipality and Hoima at large say, Bunyoro, have had the same pleas to government for a number of years. Better roads, land worries, University question, kingdom woes, oil and gas inclusion and so on. These have been promised by all former aspirants for this position and many other positions. Someone could imagine they are a foreplay routine to arouse vote climax. When the odds are on your side, you win, though a couple factors could help you manipulate the odds. Me and you know that these brothers coming for the Hoima Municipality seat are all going to promise this, the same things presidential candidates are to promise us.

 Why this position? Why do all these people from different crafts have to chase after this particular position? One would say because of the growing nature of Hoima and that these gentlemen have a compelling agenda for the oil city, but then they are “abakurasi” meant to “kukurata” not that they are going to plan the city or implement government programs here. A mechanic friend of mine says he expected that big number to be for either the mayoral position or the Local Council 5 one for reasons he expounded, and I agreed. Recent events have put the entire parliament in a critical position but whatever you could call it, it is lucrative. I do not want to imagine that that is why they are hypnotized but whatever the reason is, I pray it is for the people.

The people of Hoima now have to choose, because from the look of things, most of these gentlemen have good values and are the kind that could be easily placed to the alpha pool that gets to be “ordained” ministers. The challenge here is that the mode of campaign is a little different and adaptability to the new normal is key. Let us get into the campaign season.