Open letter to the Prime Minister of Uganda


Covid-19 regulations; Is government speaking with Forked Tongue 

Herbert Munyomo, Hoima

Lately, I took it upon myself to ask Police in Hoima district to arrest the project manager of CICO, a Chinese construction firm tarmacking the Hoima- Butiaba- Wanseko Road. I wanted him arrested and charged with negligent acts likely to spread infection of disease and disobedience of lawful orders.

Frustratingly however, Police blantely refused to enter my complaint insinuating that some big person in government has a stake in this Chinese Company. To quote the words of some powerful officer in Hoima, “CICO is above me, and for your information, some big person in government has a stake in the company”.

If, I may ask, who is bigger then President Museveni whom we have heard repeatedly state that fight against Covid-19 is above everything we see. Is is a matter of life and death to that effect Mr. Museveni together within the ministry of health as to most people’s appreciation issued close to forty commendable health emergency regulations to curb the spread of Covid-19.

To these stringent measures, the president has desperately added that whoever act in contravention of the regulations should be arrested and charged with attempt murder.
Even then, however one should find it way strange that is still business as usual o Mr. Wang Lang and others of the Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko Road project. To borrow Museveni’s meterophor, these pigs ( without any remorse) have continued to operate in total disregard of the presidential directives on Covid-19.

Yet in China where Mr. Wang Lang comes from the government instituted much drastic measures such as welding people’s apartment in order to contain the spread of Covid-19, and China people followed these directives with maximum obedience and discpline.

On contrary,  here in Uganda, a Chinese called Wang Lang with utter impurity and untold arrogance) can manage to flout Presidential directives on the same Covid-19.

Wang Lang has to date not encamped his workers as ordered by President Museveni. Hundreds of these workers whose dwelling houses and families are more ever within our communities is Biiso and Kigorobya Towns still move on daily basis to and from sites. Beside, this moving of Lang’s workers in the morning begins before 6:30am.

What is more, Lorries and double cabin pickups belonging to CICO still ply between Kigorobya and Biiso areas and virious company sites, Lorries carry between 20 to 30 people while double cabin pickups carry between 2 to 10 people.

All these irregularities happen under the watch of Covid-19 task forces Hoima and Buliisa districts. Why? Because some people (who is pig) in government who has interested in Chinese cooperation. See what trouble we are in?

The writer Herbert Munyomo 0774098866 is a concerned citizen.