Parents tasked to repair stolen Kabalega SS Desks


    Parents of the three students of Kabalega secondary school whose children were caught stealing school’s metallic desk have accepted to repair the desks which were recovered dismantled from the scrap dealers.

    The students were arrested by police one month back alongside two scrap dealers following a tip off by the school management. They are: Laston Bamugonze, Derrick Musiime and Earnest Tuhaise all senior four students. The scrap dealers are Guti Jaliru and Abdul Wasswa.

    The students and the scrap dealers were later remanded at Masindi government prison.Today all of them appeared before Iren Aber the Masindi grade Masindi grade one magistrate.

    Appearing before the magistrate, Andrew Tumwesige, the head teacher, Kabalega secondary school explained that students stole 70 metalic desks from the school which were donated by African Development Bank (ADB)

    He added that when the students led them to the scrap dealers they also recovered six beds and water pipes all belonging to Kabalega SS.

    Tumwesige also said that the cost of repairing each desk is UGx 150,000 shillings explaining that repairing the 70 desks will cost UGx 10.6 million something he said is costly to the school.

    When the magistrate asked him what he wants court to do, Tumwesige stated that he wants parents to meet the cost of repairing the desks and settle the matter outside court something which was welcomed by the parents who were also in attendance.

    The students told court that they were tempted to steal the school’s properties because their parents were not providing them with money and other necessities.

    The magistrate advised the parents to ensure that they sit with the school management and ensure that the desks are repaired noting that the offense their children committed attracts a punishment of 10 years in prison something she said can spoil the children’s future.

    He gave the parents up to Thursday to have sat with the school management to harmonize on the modalities on how the parents will handle the matter.

    The students and the scrap dealers were further remanded up to Thursday of this week when the parents, scrap dealers and the school management will come back with a final report on how the matter will be handled.

    Andrew Tumwesige the head teacher said if parents accept with the school management to repair the properties the case will be withdrawn from court adding that what the students have gone through so far will serve as a lesson to other students who are planning to do the same.


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