Patient with Ebola like symptoms admitted at Buliisa General Hospital, samples taken to UVRI


Yesterday night a patient with Ebola like symptoms was admitted at Buliisa General Hospital. Bunyoro Sqoop reports.

Ochaya Alfred 31, a resident of Nyamukuta village Butiaba sub county Buliisa district was brought by the brother in middle of the night at Buliisa General Hospital.

Currently Ochaya is in an isolation place at Buliisa General Hospital in await for the results from the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI).

The District Health Educator Dr. Mugabe Robert this morning told Bunyoro Sqoop, Ochaya had much fever, bleeding and also vomiting blood.

Dr. Mugabe however said that haven’t confirmed Ebola outbreak in the district since the samples were taken to UVRI thus await for the results.

Dr. Mugabe also adds, Ochaya didn’t get in contact with the Congolese, any affected person or patient and never attended any burial of Ebola victim.

Buliisa District LCV Hon. Agaba Kinene Simon has advised residents to be alert on Ebola outbreak since Buliisa neighbours DR. Congo.

Residents should also report immediately Ebola like symptoms to the nearest health centers, Hon. noted.


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