Preacher stings President Museveni over continued closer of worship places.


Pr. Kwezi H Francis of The Lord Lives Ministry is blaming President Museveni over continued closer of worship places saying that God can protect His people rather than closing worship places.

He also says that President Museveni thinks and his convinced that the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is weak and powerless to protect those who worship Him. 

“Is Mr. President becoming or become another Nebuchadnezzar”, Pr. Kwezi H Francis adds. He has therefore called upon all Christians around the world to come up against this devilish program.

He also says that from generation to generation we have and had never been attacked this way, adding that sanctuaries have never been deserted, saints forbidden to worship nor praise Yahweh.

He further adds that from the days of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Elijah, Jesus Emmanuel till today the church had never been attacked.”If you can’t sacrifice today for your freedom of worship, then you have never known or believed in eternal judgment”, Pr. Kwezi adds.

On 7th May this year, more than eight full armed UPDF soldiers stormed Pr. Kwezi H Francis residence in Kihande 2 Masindi Municipality and wanted to confiscate his music system after finding him rehearsaling gospel music together with other three members in his compound. 

Last year in November, the same preacher said that the Kyandondo East Legislator Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is not a presidential material therefore not worthy to lead Uganda.

File Photo: In white short is Pr. Kwezi H Francis when UPDF soldiers stormed his place of residence in Kihande 2 Masindi Municipality on 7th April this year. Photo by Innocent Atuganyira.