Shortage of Mama Kits hit health centers in Masindi District.

Masindi Main Hospital. File Photo

Health centers in Pakanyi   sub   county have been hit by lack of mama kits, delivery beds and key family planning services.

This was revealed during an interface meeting on gender and budget tracking and women leadership organized by forum for women in democracy (FOWODE) aimed at sensitizing and equipping women with skills related   on sexual reproductive rights and leaderships held at Pakanyi sub  county on Monday.

Kyomuhendo   Moureen the project coordinator FOWODE says the project is being implemented in the districts of   Masindi and Busia   Dubbed   data driven advocacy with the   use data to analyses  issues affecting women’s   reproductive rights and leadership.

She adds that in Masindi the project is being implemented in Pakanyi   and Masindi municipality where women  have formed up  groups to  monitor service delivery in health centers on issues related to sexual reproductive health.

While presenting a data report which was carried out in the four health facilities of Pakanyi sub county shows that all the health facilities did not have enough Mama kits and delivery beds during  the 3rth and  4th quarters of 2019/2020 financial

Mboneko  Annette the community facilitator from FOWODE   says the report shows kitanyata health center iii  did not receive any mama kit , in the 3rth and  4th quarters of 2019/20, Kyatri health center iii received only  50 Mama kits while  Alimugonza  and Kilanyi health centers  did not receive any mama kit.

The   report Further indicates   that there is  inadequate delivery beds in all the four  health facilities  where by each health facility has single delivery bed and all lack  delivery beds for people with disabilities(PWDs).

Kimuli  Yoster a mother of three who is  a resident of Kitanyata village in Pakanyi sub county   decried of few health workers at Kitanyata health center adding that even the few how are there are hash to them when it comes to seeking for medication

Nambi Susan Says most of the facilities lack long term   family planning  services which she says it’s a very big challenge to the community.

The in charge   Kitanyata health center III Geoffrey Achidri admitted the gaps at the facility which he attributes to low funding.

He adds that though the sub county considers the facility as level 3  , he stresses that  the facility   still receives founding of health center 2s  and asks  the leaders to intervene to electrify the matter.

Nsubuga Zam the vice chairperson Pakanyi  sub county asked the health workers to always treat  well Patients  in order  to entice them come to the facilities.