Bbiira Kiwanuka says that “education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten”.
Bbiira Kiwanuka says that “education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten”.

99% of the critics of Bobi, Museveni and now Zaake have not utilized even the smallest civic mobilisation space they have. The reason I support Museveni on appointing those seemingly weak and incompetent as his advisors as those seemingly competent are liars and selfish. Let me put you in perspective. I have watched a video attributed to the incompetent Hon. Zaake. I made a reflection on our area MPs and none has even stepped on VoA and the Fisiko policy has begun driving our country to negative competency publicity. To begin with, Zaake is a product of our education and leadership so no moral authority to criticize him by anyone of us especially in government and leadership. It is a Garbage in Garbage out (GiGo). Well I write not to imply that Zaake was right or good but those of us criticizing him are worse. I have been embarrassing myself since childhood. The reason I have learnt. Some of you criticize my thinking based on what I write. But I have not read even a statement from your wall. Actually not even a photo. So whatever Zaake said, I must say that no one owns the absolute right to define the other as embarrassing. To begin with, I consider and recognize the Zaake and the Fisiko policy as the greatest generational achievers of our time. To the intellectuals, give us time. Our country has been doomed by you with good English. Stop your social media joke and begin supporting the team of action like Zaakes, Besigyes, Musevenis etc. We love the Zaakes who can afford to go to VoA and share. I hope it was not paid by the dictator to expose the innocent ignorance. You intellectuals as you claim have not even gone to your village meetings to guide society. Whereas I may agree that the people power movement and the Ugandan opposition has limited professional competencies, they have exhausted their competence and love for a better Uganda. I can equate these Zaakez to our Muzeveniz of 1980 – 86. Actually, those who are doing nothing should not interrupt those who are doing something however small it may be. I call it stupidity for educated fools to not even occupy free spaces on their media in their areas but stage a revolution against a falla who has crossed and travelled to the USA to share the little he has. For instance, every radio station has free paid for governance time. The talk show hosts even look for these educated fools but they claim that they are protecting their jobs and career. Stop your nonsense. Today, I have decided to boost the tone. You educated fools have fed us on lies about Museveni and against Museveni. And a lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies. Actually, educated fools should not complain when they are led by fools inferior than them. So stop your attack on Museveni, Zaake, Bobi, Besigye and Muntu. If you see any weakness, come and fill the gaps. Actually, Full Figure is better than you graduates.

You have over pretended for now 3 decades. Pretense is a sin. Stop pretending. Your criticism to the opposition yet claiming to belong nowhere is deceptive. I have also seen NRM leaders or “misleaders” abusing presidential advisors like Hon. Buchaman and Hon Kusasira. Every radio station has at least one hour free airtime for the NRM and government to use. Fools have not used it and quite often, peasants have occupied this space coordinated by the RDC. They are busy in arms against our presidential advisors. The educated fools have learnt three things. They have learnt to criticize everyone doing something. They claim they don’t support Museveni, but keep on their campaign to damage the opposition. In my view, the educated are enemy of Uganda number 1. The second thing is that they only discuss people not issues. Now they are discussing Zaake not what his message was on VoA. One day, they damage Besigye, the other day damage clean Muntu and now the People Power Zaake and Bobi. The 3rd thing is their claim of innocence and competence. They appear weak when they are strong and strong when they are weak. They do nothing. And to the Zaakes and Kusasira, you are learning. Your degree of embarrassment is enough lesson on governance and Ugandan deception politics. I have often told my people that anyone who is not embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough. This is how they started by attacking Bobi wine. Now the attackers are getting money from the sole leader. This is how they said he was weak, but the nation is looking at him as a liberator. I have always told society that don’t listen too much from your critics. Don’t focus on them. World over, success has encountered criticism. To succeed, think of this principle. “There is one thing that has disappeared, not just from Uganda but from the entire world, that is the idea of ever being embarrassed by anything.”

My message this morning is simple. Do what you can do and stop all your arsenals that you are putting on our weak leaders doing something. When things get better, we shall sort the mess. In politics, it is easy to display a wound, the proud scars of combat. It is hard to show a pimple. But we have to be successful whether we have those who concentrate on the scars and wounds or not or even life. You educated fools, what you are hiding is dangerous for us as a country. Come out and support Museveni or criticize him not just damaging leaders. I have of late hated social media where you hide and say nonsense but can’t come on public space and say a point or two. Anyway, man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides. After all, I pay no attention to the man behind the curtains.

My calling this morning is for everyone to stop your deception and get politically real.

I thank you.

Bbiira Kiwanuka Nassa, junior citizen.


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