We have moved over 25 years and in all these years, we have taken a tortus speed. This speed of “Omunyongoro” can’t make Bunyoro move headways and transformed pace setters must up our game. There is and has always been a self-consolation that slowly by slowly, a beggar will ride. However, in my view, this is fallacious if we are to transform our regional nation Bunyoro.

Today, as I drove to Kitgum for my last meeting here, I made a small reflection about the Empango Run. I reflected that this is my 3rd day to witness the same event led by Spice FM. Why must we make Bunyoro run? Things have become tough. I love the fact that the annual run event is targeting health care improvements. We now need more crusaders in health, education, agriculture, social empowerment and skilling as a people.

Remember, when things get tough, the tough is supposed to get going. I asked my Munyoro driver here a set of questions.

  1. Have we just not been realizing the need to run?
  2. Is it our speed as a region to walk or run?
  3. Have we lacked the will and motivation to run?
  4. Have we lacked the Spice FM like movers to make Bunyoro run?
    Providing answers to these questions is of paramount importance. I have often told my staff that “the will to win means nothing without the will to prepare” this implies that we need to prepare for social transformation as a people and as Bunyoro.

The Empango run must become a key driver for all of us to launch social transformation campaigns for Bunyoro. If you can’t write read. If you can’t walk run. If you can’t do advice.

Bunyoro needs all of us doing things in a manner that transforms us. I pray I am done early today and I participate in the run. After all all our staff now have running kits.

What have those running have to do?
There must be a motivation for all of us to run and participate in this year’s Empango Run. Its not just a social event.

“Bunyoro must start focusing all its activities on causes. For heavens case, what is the focus of this year’s Empango. Is it a feast? Can’t it focus on say education and we have a set of activities that build momentum of our education as a people?

Since running is an integral part of our life, we can make Bunyoro and its people increase on their speed. We have over sat, walked and been stationary. Already, Spice FM and the Empango run have proved that we can mobilise Bunyoro for a cause. We can use this experience of running and its benefits to launch crusades of transformation around cultural festivals such as the Omukama’s birthday, Kabalega, Empango among others. If we ever start this type of running, it’s very unlikely that we will ever stop doing it.

Already, as we run for the Empango, we have developed an almost indescribable feeling of accomplishment and some powerful relief that we belong and we can do something for Bunyoro. Let all of us use this run to clear our mind and reduce stresses we pose to Bunyoro as a people. We can use this type of activities as pure therapy for Bunyoro. If there’s a problem you are struggling with, go run a mile and see what happens! Bunyoro must be rebranded and this is the time for all of us to play a role.

Borrowing from the words of Dean Karnazes, as Bunyoro, we must “run when we can, walk if we have to, crawl if we must; and must just never give up.”

Indeed, we should not just run to add days to our lives but run to add life to our days.

For spice FM, thank you. You have created a way. This is the direction we all need. For other corporations especially operating in Bunyoro, we want more of the same. For me, in such run for causes, running is both exercise and a metaphor. A symbol of social transformation, a thing we must do for Bunyoro. We must raise the bar and by clearing each level we may elevate Bunyoro. I am thinking if every 8 district experienced a mega run on this day targeting critical campaigns such as health, education, skilling interlia, Bunyoro would make us proud the more.

I thank your

The writer is a junior citizen, passionate of our governance and shaping a peaceful transition


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