The Next Generation Will Not Build Schools.

Bbiira Kiwanuka says that “education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten”.
Bbiira Kiwanuka says that “education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten”.

Today, as I write this small piece, we are replacing schools with apartments. Let me not talk about Shimoni demo. We are celebrating social functions not graduation. When our people attain transformation, we ask for materialized achievements and not empowerment. The dare need for the rich has exceeded its minimum limit. Everyone is bothered of getting big mansions and laxities in big gazalars and fancy cars. No society is agonizing the corrupt. The most dubious is the most loved by the clergy because they pay a fraction of what they steal. Our passion for the next generation has sank below minimum. Shall we have schools in future? The question linger. Shall we even have schools that teach and places that mentor. Shall we have schools that charge fees or offer knowledge and skills? Shall we have values in the next generation?  It is funny that our empowerment has become too expensive and costly. Shall our government invest in education or protecting itself not to crumble.

Why am I concerned?

Those who did education are not teaching. Those who are teaching are less paid if paid and not motivated. Those who strive to invest no longer see value in education so they invest in service apartments. A school is no longer attractive. Our children are increasingly not being taught as they are called clients not students. Mentors are charging fees as its not a calling. Our anniversary for success is for buildings. Those who call schools profit making businesses have become political leaders and those teaching our children have become slaves. We have the same history unlike us who studied the fall and rise of Obote and Amin or independence. Colleagues, we need to focus our new generation by reshaping the present. 

The school should be a centre of learning values, attitudes, thinking, problem solving, communication, focus, socialization, leadership, effective competition, networking, and respect among others. Precisely, if we don’t invest in schools, we lose these values.

Thank you The writer is a lead mentor for the Next Generational Leaders


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