I have never been convicted to the level I am in now. I feel a lot of convictions to say that our own limits are our limits. We sometimes don’t know that these limits don’t exists. We set the bar so low that we achieve 30% of what our limits are. This calls for all of us to persuade ourselves to push on. We should acknowledge that bad traits manifests on the surface. The fear to start. The fear to lose. The fear to be talked about. The feeling of what others will say, e.t.c have a tendency of dominating us. These later form what we are and what society prescribes on us. I have challenged all these. These weak and negative instincts have been and continue dominating us. This morning, I need to remind you not to think about these forces. Let us not think about our past. Our historic challenges have a tendency of challenging our future when we rest and settle on them. Sometimes, you have to manufacture your own history. I and you have had a bad past. Let us sheave out what is good and perhaps lessons from the bad history and challenge the future. Should you give much attention to this bad past, you will start living in the past. I have always tasked people to “give fate a push, so to speak”. Will this bad past end? NO. it’s the art of living in the challenging life that will shape your triumph strategies. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in anything in life. What matters is not the challenges or tough times but how you respond to them. That’s why I task you to be able to push through those times and maintain your ultimate goal. I am speaking this minding of the fact that tough situations will always manifest themselves in different ways at different times to you. Hope you have big goal to pursue that will keep you steady and encouraged to challenge situations. This calls for an ambitious big dreams and agendas. I know some of us have no such dreams. I have always tasked non dreamers to at least get a mentor or inspiratory. If you marry a man of vision not that man with a television. This will be your drive. I am always convinced that “if you have no good drive in you, your life will not be steered through a good direction”. It will miss its destined station. Passion or drive is what moves the vehicle of a fulfilled life. Are you this vehicle or you are in a mess already with no dreams at all? I have challenged all of us always to surround yourselves with men and women who are above you. Above your status, above your income among others. These form the positivity in us all. However, the companion of the fools will always suffer harm. They will cause negativity in how we look at situations. These weak people will think, talk, advise and destroy you while alive and dead. Avoid them. They are the major source of trouble. However, I am always convinced further that “whatever negative things people think and say about you is enough to bring you down provided you belief that it carries a weight that can push you hard”. This morning I am here to tell you not to agree to accept what critics say; be prepared to silence them by doing what they think you can’t do.

I thank you

The writer is a junior citizen, an investor and a walking inspiration to society


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