UNEB withholds 1,512 Pupils’ Results: Kids wrote on Scripts Wrong Paper.

UNEB Executive Secretary -Dan Odondo. fILE PHOTO (Photo Credits Bamulanzeki)

Uganda National Examinations Board [UNEB] has withheld results of about 1,512 candidates who sat Primary Leaving Examinations in 2019, pending investigations.

UNEB Executive Secretary, Dan Odongo, revealed this Friday during the release of PLE results at Kampala Parents School in Naguru, Kampala.

Odongo says the number is much lower than the 3,346 withheld in 2018 PLE.

Following the fake papers circulated on Social Media prior to the exams, Odongo says markers found in some candidates’ scripts excuses such as “this is not the paper we are to do,” “this is not our examination,” etc.

Pupils with disabilities shine

Results indicate that performance has improved and more candidates will be able to join post-primary institutions.

Literacy has generally improved, said Prof Mary Okwakol, UNEB Chairperson.

The best dyslexic candidates are a female, Ahurira Rhina from Bwaise Parents Primary School (Kampala) with Division 1, Aggregate 9 and a male Gael Parwot Gadi from Victorious Primary School (Kampala) also aggregate 9.

The best blind candidate, Ainamani Arthur Rwakitara from Grand Masion Primary School Nabbingo (Wakiso), also passed in Division 1 with an aggregate of 9.

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Girls remain in school

UNEB Chairperson, Prof. Mary Okwakol, said she was happy to report that they registered no case of tampering with the examination at storage stations.

“I wish the applaud security personnel that ensured 100% proper storage of the papers.”

During the field conduct of the examination, the board faced challenges of bad weather. Districts in Elgon and Rwenzori region were greatly affected.

She said candidates at PLE continue to increase year-by-year and that more girls have continued to remain in school at least up to completion of PLE.

The board ensured that examinations are secure during the transportation from the UNEB stores all the way to the individual sitting centres.

“We registered no case of tampering with the examinations at storage stations.”

She said the biggest problem still lies with teachers who assist candidates within examination rooms.

“This is facilitated by some school administrators. In one centre in Mpigi district, a scout reported back to UNEB with Shs500,000 which had been given to her as a bribe for her to allow the teachers of the school to write answers for the candidates.”

A total of 695,804 candidates from 13,475 centers (schools) registered for PLE in 2019.

Of this number, 473,893 (68.2%) were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries, and 221,912 (31.8%) of the candidates were Non-UPE In 2019, analysis by gender indicated that 336,040 (48.3%) boys were registered compared to 359,764 (51.7%) girls, indicating that more girls than boys completed the Primary Education cycle.

The Board registered 1,315 learners with special needs of various categories.

The blind, the deaf, the physically handicapped and the dyslexics among others. Of these, 49.3% are females and 50.7% are males.


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