Verdict: Dove Fc wins a petition by Kitara Fc and Kiboga Young.


This is what Dove Fc mangement wrote after the verdict by the FUFA disciplinary Committee.

“Management of Dove Fc wishes to thank all football lovers, friends and fans of the club for standing with Dove Fc when the club appeared to be on trial by Kitara Fc. Our club made a maiden appearance before FUFA disciplinary Committee.

Dove Fc has won the case and we thank God that justice has prevailed. As Management of Dove Fc we were confident that it was the opponent who was on trial not our club as the allegations against us were motivated by rivalry. hate and envy.

In the aftemath of the ruling, we call upon our dear brothers at Kitara Fc to act as true sportmen. Accept the outcome. Whitewash and completely erase any bad memories they may have had against Dove Fc.. We equally have done that ..and we urge Kitara Fc to join us in uniting fans of the two clubs. Both Kitara Fc and Dove fc have a big task to appeal to their respective fans not to exercise rivalry outside the minutes of play.

At Dove Fc we have forgiven every body and any body who was behind this potentially catastrophic move. At Dove Fc we speak football and therefore we apeal and call upon our fans to show love to our football competitors and exercise restraint at all times when confronted with challenges in football such as this one. The future of our clubs lies in strategic and not tactical management with short term agenda.

We treasure our motherland Bunyoro and we call upon our colleagues to denounce unsporting behaviour that we have witnessed since we joined big league..We believe we can co-exist at any level be it big league or in Premier League and that one of the two clubs can actually progress or retard.

This should not demean the other because as clubs from Kitara region we have to feed into the region’s objective of seeing football grow in the region and Uganda.” Issued by PRO.

Congratulations team Dove Fc, we represented Kitara we equally side with Kitara Fc to get strong and focus on what comes forth..


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