Wandera Atuhairwe (WAT) joins the race to unseat Hon. Kinene Simon in the Buliisa district LCV seat.


Buliisa district LCV seat will be another fire breathing battle field as Wandera Atuhairwe (WAT) is set to challenge the incumbent Agaba Kinene Simon in the LCV race.

First and foremost, Hon. Kinene Simon will face WAT in the NRM primaries, WAT has appealed to the people of Buliisa to make change and vote wisely in the forthcoming elections for the development of Buliisa.

“I have many programs to do for the people of Buliisa, some of them include; improved water sources, infrastructure, jobs at the district, fight corruption, fight cattle theft and many others. We have been deceived enough”, WAT explains.

WAT also adds,” I’m requesting people of Buliisa to support me from NRM primaries to general elections for the development of the oil rich land Buliisa district, what others have done is enough, we deserve change for Buliisa”.