We want to see war, What about Corona Virus- Generation Z and Y.

Eng. Asiimwe Jonard is an expert of Oil and Gas , he is the Chairperson of Society of Mining Engineers Uganda.

I have been following a lot of events happening in my neighbor hoods both in Kampala and Hoima. I have shared with a number of my age mates, the Gen Z and Y.

Let me explain a little about Gen Z (Generation Z) a generation born starting 1990s to early 2010s. And Generation Y is that generation born in the 1980s to 1990s.

In an era where everything was fine and okay, we all have been speaking out of excitement, proudness or lack of experience.

I have seen how my age mates panicked at the time when a few directives were passed. I have seen what my brother Douglas Lwanga wrote immediately after the president through his executive laid a few directives (you will check his post), I have read what Mr. Lwanga wrote a few hours when the directives became operational on Friday this week. You can check his page.

He writes “Corona has proved to us that everything around us is temporary and less important.

If we survive through all this. It’s taught us that in the end we don’t need as much to stay happy.

It’s taught us that nothing matters so much than you being able to stay breathing.

It’s that simple. Stop complaining about this or that but thank God your still alive each day you wake up alive.” Douglas Lwanga. I analyze or learn something from his posts, before the directives, then after the directives.

Generation z and some of late Y was born in a comfort zone, they went to good schools despite studying a bad curriculum, they have ate good food though they do not differentiate between eating good food and eating good (good diet), they have graduated in different disciplines though they do not know the art of employing their skills to create business for themselves and employee others. This is what I call seeing the world in a simplistic manner.

COVID 19 is challenging the comfort zone of Generation Z if not Y too. For instance, an event organizer is forced to think critically some other option on how he can make money. Comedy store will go online (how is comedy store going to make money?), what about purple party, if it goes online who will tune in or follow the event and how will the organizers get money out of it? This is thinking, awakening the sleeping mind. Jose Chameleon, or Bebe Cool undermined the power of digital transformation, Eddy Kenzo invested in building YouTube and social media presence, why is he the first BET Award winner? I guess thinking outside the box and getting out of the comfort zone. When you are seated home mind about reading on Virtual reality, augmented reality, online streaming, online/internet TV, how is Netflix changing the local TV broadcasting? How possible is it for Chameleon or Bebe Cool may be Bobi Wine sing somewhere while people watch him as if they are with him in a concert hall but in actual sense you are not? How do a teacher connect with students by use of coded Chabot or virtual reality? Like what a lecturer invented in the USA. An instructor at Georgia Tech, Professor Ashok Goel created a Chabot teaching assistant that was tasked with answering students‟ questions. Surprisingly, the students did not even realize they were interacting with a chatbox, a robot or (machine learning).

What is our government doing on placing students in Masechuttes Institute of Technology and other Tech Universities to prepare for the future that we all know will be ruled by technology? The future needs no numbers (so many people) but a few individuals who matters, how do you matter. A few countries/people are controlling this world. When America feels is being left behind in 5G network, President Donald Trump talks about Tim Cook, when NASSA is stuck on plans to inhabit on planet Mars they talk about Elon Musk, they are individuals not governments or a group of people, Facebook COVID 19 in only 10 days using its platform they have raise 4.6M Dollars (Mark Zuck).

The future needs no noise, its effects will squeeze us individually, if you think you have someone or a country/ries you entirely depend on, you won’t survive the future. For example China was a friend of many African Countries guess what has happened to these dependent states? What if your NGO was waiting for a funding from Italy guess what has happened? The future needs you, the other people you know they are secondary (though they matter), the degree of helping you depends much on their degree of their stability in their lives, how are they socially (health), economically, or politically. Do not build your empire entirely counting on a friend or others.

Back to the topic, Gen Y or Z, it’s unfortunate but fortunately true that COVID 19 is awakening you from a simplistic world to a real world where hustles and every step you take matters.

In Gen Z or even Y, that comfort zone had made some youth think the planners of their future should only be the survivors of the 2nd World War and the Gen after World War 2. You have been busy doing a lot of nothing in an excuse of “the old muzees will handle” this has not only helped this country raise a comfortable poor educated Gen Z but unemployable, lazy, afraid to think Gen Z or even Y.

Eng. Asiimwe Jonard and Bunyoro Youth at Kontiki Hotel, Bunyoro Youth Convention 2018

But always, as hard times made Israel one of the leading producers of citrus fruits at 32nd after Tanzania yet it is said more than half of Israel the Negev and Judean are deserts. Israel is 0.11% of the world population (8.65 M), five times the Ugandan population. The Jews have emerged as great thinkers, intelligent and an advanced society. Problems have always forced the Jews to know who they are, they focused on what will help them survive and be relevant in the world of about 7.6 billion people.

Then COVID 19 is giving Gen Z maybe Y a good experience, unfortunately it is! Those who thought of things being easy their memory has been rejuvenated. Those who wanted to see war, they are already exhausted despite the country registering none of a victim if am wrong Ministry of Health, I stand to be guided.

As the world is changing somewhere, some of us are just sleeping, those awake are evolving, or building around the expired, outdated approaches or technology. However, in developed countries, Gen Z or Y is/are directing or creating path in different sectors of Technology, trade and commerce or Politics. Mark Zuck of Facebook is Gen Y, Zhao of Gen Z. The fundamental question will always be what is Africa’s Gen Z or Y doing to their countries or they are in their comfort zones hoping the previous Gen will still help them survive in the digital economy. Read an article on Forbes. “Millennial will soon rule the world. But how will they lead?” By Josh Bersin.

To me I think COVID 19 is ushering us into the real digital economy. When you hear Kenya opting to start online, YouTube or podcasts studies to students at home, this is what Professor Nuwange at Makerere is doing too, when MTN slashes Mobile Money transaction fees, Airtel comes next.

I see the world getting introduced to money that is not touched (cashless economy), I also think COVID 19 is just a tool that is invented to change behavior in people (a behavioral change tool), if you are stuck to paper money, touch it you contract a disease. According to University of Oxford research shows paper money consists of about 26,000 types of bacteria, if you cannot research and accept facts the good way lets teach you the hard way. I see COVID 19 creating a fight against paper money and cash transactions.

After COVID 19, am already seeing an economic depression or recession. According to UN’s trade and development agency UNCTAD, COVID-19 will likely cost the global economy $1 trillion in 2020 and even more. America is to spend over 50B dollars, Britain has unveiled $39 billion, and Germany is mobilizing at least €500 billion ($550 billion).

Uganda finance minister tables’ proposal to borrow 700B UGX. Every country is either in debt or going in for a debt, likewise private companies owe banks billions, students owe schools/ universities billions, small informal businesses in Uganda owes landlords rent in billions and so forth. But guess what happens every after a depression, new tech giants, companies emerge, most of the big companies collapse as small, medium emerges, these are the companies am telling you that will boom, companies in AI, Big Data, Cloud computing, VR, AR, ML and blockchain extra will boom.

It’s arguably true that some companies are set to boom. For example a boom after World War II lasted for 37 months, from October 1945 to November 1948. During that time, Americans purchased 20 million refrigerators, 21.4 million cars, and 5.5 million stoves. What will be a hotcake after this pandemic? 

Let me tell you something, in every disaster, pandemic or something like a world war, in the inception big companies are affected but problem fixers always gets on board, in the coming months or years,  companies in different setups that strategize for the future will see a boom.

In this case of COVID 19, leave alone those in mask manufacturing that is a short sighted business venture, ventured in by shortsighted businessmen (trust me or not COVID 19 will be history, but how do you be or you company be part of this creation of history). The companies and long sighted businessmen and women am talking about are like how Google, Microsoft emerged after the great economic depression, how Facebook, twitter, Bitcoin emerged after the 2008/2009 credit crunch.

Then the boom in Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain, cashless ventures like apple pay, Alipay, Momo Pay, Media and broadcasting Netflix, MTN TV, Airtel TV will take shape. A case in point, if a president cannot address a press conference, there must be virtual reality tools to make someone feel as if they are with him and they would ask questions as if  they are sitting with him (Watch Movie Kingsman (Virtual Reality) Spiderman latest (Augmented reality). When Manchester United and Arsenal are playing at old Trafford there would be no supporter but a digital company in tickets issuance will sell tickets to supporters in a blockchain system like Chilliz, another online streaming company will give people with tickets access to the match virtually (only those who have bought tickets) in a sophisticated blockchain system which is hard to be hacked. Manchester United will be paid by supporters on Chillz blockchain, supporters will watch the match on a streaming platform maybe Netflix, MTN TV or Airtel TV. Some people saw MTN of recent starting MTN TV, then Airtel TV followed, some of you never detected where we were heading to, we are on the way, who knows the destination, me and you.

In conclusion, Wuhan 400 a book written earlier in 1981 by Dean Koontz is revealing a lot. Koontz’s book and his prophesies will be for another day, but we should read and understand the literature. COVID 19 is more than what we think, we are going under Darwinian’s theory, a theory that describes the mechanism of natural selection, “Survival of the fittest”.


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