I must say that we achieve partly because there are achievers. These tend to have less celebration but the way we celebrate them is the way we achieve either like them or above them. I for instance feel challenged by my current president HE. Yoweri Museveni Kaguta. He has reigned for close to 3.5 decades. He behaves like a youth. Love him or hate him, he has lived a successful time. He now gets voted by his Bazukuulu. I must say that we cannot be inspired if not challenged. We must be challenged if we are to challenge those challenges we face as individuals and as entities. We all have challenges. We have to face them, embrace them, defy them and conquer them. Without the ambition to raise oneself to life’s challenges, growth and innovation would never happen. There will always be obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. For this reason, we need to challenge them with those who have overcome them. My message this morning is to get a challenger. If you can look at a solution by yourself, then focus on how the other people who have faced the same or related situation have done it. If you are not looking at your conquer, you are already conquered.

Those challenging you must not be people of your company. Look at the people in their success formula. You don’t need to love these people. They may not be even known physically to you. The one who challenge you should challenge you to challenge yourself.

However, if such person is near you, it’s a blessing. They can be part of your family or even your wife or husband. Everyone has something we don’t have. The greatest richness is in your ability to identify good in others. I often tell my staff that they are “good in something”.  We can learn from even silent people. Their ability to keep quiet and move on.

Let us all get someone to challenge us. This is our winning formula.

I thank you.

Bbiira Kiwanuka Nassa



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