Why some people triumph, when an oppressor is getting closer to a sovereign state’s affairs.


I have followed very well and took a vivid understanding of events unfolding around the governance and politics of this country. I have witnessed how the thirsty oil mafias in the USA play their cards. It’s not so much different from how the Mafias here play them with the news papers; with the people my friend wrote a full book about “the Bayam…”, though that side of USA and friends they play their cards in highly organized mafiasm.

I have seen how the mafias in Uganda have used media to promote or hype an event. Likewise, I have witnessed how CNN, BBC, Aljazeera have concentrate much of their efforts on someone in Uganda. I have not seen these media houses publishing a dam being launched somewhere, all along I see them tinting a bad image on this country, an image that has even affected the countries tourism sector. I know you all know we all see President Museveni has existed for so long, we need to change but the question remains how? Do we need to take a methodology that would destroy all the achievements of the country has so far reached? Being honest there are a lot strategic achievements perhaps others may not acknowledge them.

In a report by Harvard University under, Center for International Development (CID), predicted India and Uganda to be the fastest growing economies by 2026. I guess you can see that. Now what happens to promising African economies?

Let’s go back to Libya, as this country was progressing first, it had already secured financial freedom for its people, when you attain that you start thinking for the next generation. You all aware of caused the killing of Col. Maummar Gaddafi, it was just because his economy had started paving away for other African economies to be self reliant. Remember in Political Science, if you feed someone you can decide for him/her. The west was risking Africa away from their hands, we were taking about the Pan African Currency, a currency that backed by the Libyan Gold, oil and Silver reserves would be even strong than the Pound not even a dollar. It was such a nightmare to the west. Uganda is looking forward for that [ Libya’s]. When a country achieves much in infrastructure development, then you see a head of state focusing on a transition from subsistence methods of production to mechanized (Plan for Mechanization of Agriculture) then the country is at the right path.

People need to think twice about those who help them in their struggles. There is no free Lunch, if so you eventually pay for it in hard way.

At the time the China President and the USA president are in an economic cold war, that ranges from crypto world, Tech, oil extra, it’ s the same time we see American giant Android OS cutting off an understanding with Huawei. At a time when China’ s giant tries to manufacture I.T gadgets that are hi tech, and luxurious, on one side a party is scared that someone who once target the poor market of Africa and Asia is now coming to share Apple’s, Microsoft market share yet Apple (iPhone), Microsoft phones cannot target the poor African and Asian market. They started in big markets, there is no other bigger market than those they already supply too, and their future is at stake. China started in small markets is growing big into their bigger markets and you cannot stop that.

As Huawei is trying to build its own Operating system (OS) (an OS in simple terms is a software that you can install your apps on your phone) like android, the implication is when Huawei survives this storm, they later launch their own OS, an OS the USA won’t have chance to spy on, then it would not only be their security threat because they cannot spy it but also a threaten to the Android OS business wise. They thought it’s better to kill a child before it gets to a man, indeed it’s next to impossible to kill this grown up man Huawei the China Telecommunications Giant.

In international business some simple article of fake news can affect a brand, it can drop the sales, the stocks of a given company, it doesn’t only do that but it tarnishes the long built reputation of the company in a long run.

China’s Huawei spying on Ugandan opposition People Power leader Bobi Wine seems to be a hoax, seems to be fake news as China diplomats reportedly said to media. It’s difficult for a critical thinker to believe a report done by American media houses about Huawei following the Google issues (Android OS), the looming economic war between the two giants, the rivalry between the countries in technological advancements.

If you remember correctly there a lot of allegations being created on HUAWEI, the Canadian government is still holding Meng Wanzhou under electronic surveillance on a US warrant. Meng is the daughter of the founder of Huawei and she is the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

When a Russian company launched face app we saw the reported USA sponsoring of some fake news about the app, where they claimed that the App was collecting personal data from users. It was fake news, USA based companies are also collecting people’s personal data, and many of them, we know that but all they don’t want is a competitor.

I don’t trust in China on how it’s strategizing in Africa, I smell a dead rat. A Chinese national was appointed a chief in a state of Nigeria what is its future implication? But still the truth about something/ someone cannot be tinted off by a wrong done somewhere. Huawei is being followed even where it still have believers/ customers. They want to destroy Huawei completely, they know us (Africans) don’t read, we do not follow world events.

They are happy; it’s working, because they targeted the poor People Power group to help them bring down their competitor at free cost in its best side of its market share. They [People Power supporters] who are all over internet they can use them, they are better in using their data bundles to promote businesses they don’t benefit from. They know the leader of People Power Movement likes these events where he has a reception of international sympathy, they know he knows how to fake, hype issues. Now the people power enthusiasts are encouraging their followers to boycott Huawei products. Who is winning?? It’s not you it’s the enemy of Huawei who launched war against the giant long time ago. They know you are poor people even if you boycott, it would not even drop sales of Huawei by 0.001 % but they know you can spread their word at a free cost to help them bring down a children growing fast getting to manhood which would be their biggest future miscalculation.

Thank you for participating in a war that would affect you negatively in a long run, can you afford Apple or Microsoft products?


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