You know nothing about Oil: Amlan Tumusiime stings Bobi Wine.


BUNYORO: The newly appointed Resident District Commissioner ( RDC) Hoima district Mr. Amlan Tumusiime has belittled Presidential hopeful and Kyadondo East MP Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on matters of oil in Bunyoro region, advising him to always keep quite because he knows nothing about oil issues.

In his message below (verbatim), Tumusiime who is a son from the Bunyoro oil land said that Bob wine is not only ignorant about oil issues but also other issues like fiscal policies and is unfit to lead Ugandans.

On Saturday I confirmed the more that on a very serious note our brother Hon Robert Kyagulanyi cannot make a good president because he does not know anything not only about fiscal policies but also oil related matters.
As I was finishing my own radio talk show on Star FM to thank President Museveni for entrusting me with a leadership position of RDC Hoima, I received a phone call from one central government minister asking me to tune in CBS radio and hear what my friend Bob Wine was saying about the Bunyoro oil. On tuning in guess what I heard.” I want to inform all Ugandans especially the Banyoro that President Museveni’s government started selling crude oil long time ago .This money the people of Bunyoro do not even see it. The oil is transported in trucks and escorted by the UPDF” he said,
When I heard this I got worried for our great country Uganda to also have such a person who wants to lead a country of more than 40m people. Bobi Wine is not a presidential material at all to the point that he has no any idea about the process of discovering oil, to the point of selling or exporting it. He is shaming who ever is supporting him politically.
Let me briefly take you thru this process so that you can confirm that the crude oil Bob Wine is talking about cannot be practically transported in trucks for export. When oil is discovered and confirmed of its existence, a drilling process takes place and during this process chemicals which are dangerous to both human and animal lives even plants are used and are kept in a safe place. These are waste products that are transported in trucks to either Namasoga in Buseruka Hoima district or Nakasongola waste plant. It’s those trucks carrying waste plant a whole presidential hopeful is mistaking for trucks carrying crude oil for export.
Total lack of knowledge on so many things continues exposing his weakness and lack of leadership skills. Here is what makes it impossible to transport crude oil Bob Wine is talking about in trucks?

The answer is simple, Crude oil is Waxy, like shoe polish a reason why the government of Uganda and Tanzania are constructing a 14443 km pipe line from kabaale in Hoima to Tanga in Tanzania because such crude oil can only move in such heated pipes not in Bobi Wines’ trucks carrying waste products.

The crude oil Bob Wine is talking about is safely kept at Kasemeni village in Bulisa district. Poor him, someone struggling to lead a country but lacking all basics and only relaying on fabricated lies to hood wink Ugandans.
As You also remember it’s not only Bob Wine alone .During the 2016 presidential elections Dr Kiiza Besigye also made same such silly allegations that forced those who believe in him from Bunyoro to block these trucks on Kaiso Tonya road forcing the truck drivers to stop. The poor demonstrators could not manage the bad smell from the trucks and took off saying “Agasaija gaanu gatudupa muno. Hati omu kahatalimu mafuta goona oihireho ekinunko” Literally meaning,” These men ( Besigye) are liars how come there is no oil in the trucks apart from the terrible smell” .

In fact these people contacted me and I took them to radio Hoima and confessed this and some of them are today NRM supports because they came to know that the opposition trade on lies, black mail and bad mouthing that Museveni administration survive politically.
Bob wine is a bad news, it is dangerous and risk just as my muko from Pader Hon Odongo Otto rightly said that it is dangerous and risky to support Bobi Wine because he is an amateur and surely he is.

So comrades on these social media platforms, let us be serious and reject all political negative forces coming to our region to play their dirty politics strategically using the oil politics because they know whenever they talk about oil every munyoro including myself gets concerned.
Let us distance ourselves from those selfish negative forces and continue supporting our NRM government and President Museveni because the Museveni administration has so far demonstrated to us tangible achievements that come along side the oil producing areas. Look at our improved road net work. Other regions even envy us that the Museveni administration has given us Bunyoro too much money for the infrastructure development especially the road net works. It’s our duty as leaders to take advantage of these roads to mobilize our people to get involved in commercial agriculture so that they plant enough since the market for their produce is available and the means.

Why should we allow self seekers in the names of opposition politicians to use Bunyoro as their campaign base and more so singling out the oil political talk?
Who doesn’t know that oil was discovered in Bunyoro in 2021 but it’s only under the wise and focused leadership of President Museveni that at last we the people of Bunyoro in particular and Ugandans in general are going to benefit from it
Let us not be fooled by those unserious and disorganized opposition politicians who are promising pipe dreams. Let us remain steady fast as we have been all years and support president Museveni because he has shown that he loves and cares for us. He saved Uganda from total collapse due to bad leadership of then, a totally collapsed economy, extra judicial killings and total lack of rule of law.
We as Bunyoro we still need president Museveni more than before because we still need a lot from him and he is only here to help us achieve them.
I thank you
Amlan Tumusiime
For God and my country.